Problems with CTF?? Start journey for CTF : Beginner

Hey people, This is Fardeen Ahmed, and here i present my blog on Getting started in CTF. The Blog is in 3 parts, Beginner, Intermediate and Advance, and will progressively published.

“”””””””“”””$$((Let’s Start))$$”””””””””””””

  1. Forensics
  2. Cryptography or Crypto cipher/decipher Challenges.
  3. Binary
  4. And can be added many things as a challenge (General/Miscellaneous)
  1. Attack-defence is another interesting kind of competitions. Here every team has own network(or only one host) with vulnarable services. Your team has time for patching your services and developing exploits usually. So, then organizers connects participants of competition and the wargame starts! You should protect own services for defence points and hack opponents for attack points.
  2. Mixed competitions may vary possible formats. It may be something like wargame with special time for task-based elements.
  1. Have a play on the CTF Forums. Some of them are:-

Have Two things in mind, as i had in my mind :-

1) “An Expert was also once a beginner, so never be shy in asking and starting, because the toughest thing is to start.”

2) “Believe in yourself, because noone else will do”

It never matters what you were, the only thing which is going to make your future is Today, and that is why, a quote says:-

“Yesterday was History, Tomorrow will be a Mystery and Today is Present, That is why it is a Gift.”

Now Go ahead and Bang up CTF and Ethical Hacking. If liked, than have a clap, share and go follow up for more tips on Security, Certifications and Place to Grow in CyberSpace.

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