Selecting Your First Programming Language :- Which One??

Selecting a programming language is a bit confusing and what to do after selecting puts oneself to many small dilemmas, leading to again question “Do i have to do code, or learn coding??” and this majorly lets one to leave coding / Programming. This blog will do you things including:-

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Myths busting About Coding/Programming

We here now will bust some of the basic Myths of Coding/Programming

Programming language for Beginner :-

When one is beginner in coding/Programming one has to think to what language to chose for coding/programming

I believe any language can be taken in under these consideration :

Note:- The point above only says that Languages that are listed are being used in today’s IT Market. Any language can be taken according to their general purpose.

Why one should Code?? :-

There are many reasons to know how to code :-

Opportunities after you learn to code in any one language and application in real life:-

Below are some key opportunities when you learn and become a skilled coder :-

So, don’t sit back and thing Coding is tough. Everything is tough if not learnt. Learn coding. You have to give time and effort to code. You have to possess an attitude of not quitting. Whether it is tough or not, hard or not, you have to learn it, and conquer your fear. Do it, attain it. And find ultimate happiness, Peace.

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